The 21st year of trading sees a peak in both volume and value for Arklow Pottery, meeting demand for 14,000 dozen pieces of decorative ware per week.  A new enamel electric kiln is introduced to add 5,000 dozen more and there are plans to employ 30 more decorators.

As pottery production intensified, new markets and product lines were being identified all the time.  In the 1950’s, lithography becomes a popular means of transferring photographic images to ware, and pieces depicting Irish scenes are produced for the tourist market.

A major cost of operations is the large volume of stock being carried – 9 months’ worth.  This is due to difficulties in always being able to receive shipments of raw materials.

Token imports of earthen tableware are permitted onto the Irish market as retail trade pushes for more variety of tableware to be available in shops.

Emigration means that growth in the domestic markets is not forecast. Opportunities to diversify overseas are looked at.

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